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A Little Kick is a flamelike journey, with hints of squash and sweet potato battling with a light jolt of red pepper. This unique sauce will surprise you with its versatility and depth of flavor.

Give it a try on wings, burgers, pasta, eggs, and everything in between! Pairs well with hot tea, fizzy cocktails, and Ales.

A fantastic everyday sauce!


Lott'a Kick is a hot sauce that lures you in with hints of curry and soothes you with smooth mustard. Then, it hits you with heat intertwined with tropical fruit flavors.

This Caribbean-influenced hot sauce balances fruits such as pineapple, mango, and chile peppers.

A teaspoon is enough to transform any dish!

very hot

Holy Cluck is a sauce packed with pure chile heat and flavor. Image your average hot sauce ran a marathon, swam across the Great South Bay, then hit leg day. Yeah... it's hot. A little goes a long way to turn up the heat on any dish!

Eye Protection is recommended when enjoying this product.

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